We work closely with media outlets all over the world to make our free repair videos and content available to people looking to fix their broken smartphones. We do license our photos and repair videos to the press for free. Our photos have been shown in the New York Times, CNET, Gizmodo and the Wall Street Journal, just to name a few, we have also been listed in numerous magazines and online websites.


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iPad Air Teardown & Repair Directions: photo, repair video.
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Started in 1998 as a little known webpage called PowerToThePalm.com. On that site we started off by showing people what the inside of the latest model Palm units looked like. Later that year we began showing people via pictures how to take their unit apart and also we started selling a small variety of parts for different Palm & PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) unit’s. Since that time we have evolved as the industry has from Handheld Organizers to Smartphones, Tablets and more.

In 2002 we provided our first free downloadable repair video file on our webpage. People were able to download and watch our how-to video directions even if they did not purchase any parts from us. This created a lot of buzz because up until that point no one had offered any how-to videos to repair items and especially not for free.

Again in 2007 just hours after the release of the original iPhone we had a full free take apart video with directions available on YouTube. Again being the first to offer free how to videos on YouTube without any purchase required. At that time the only other available directions where via still pictures which could not capture all the steps that a full color repair video can provide.

Our site DirectFix.com still sets the industry standard with more High Definition Videos and directions every year. We keep re-investing in video and lighting equipment to stay ahead of the industry and make sure our content is at the cutting edge to provide great videos. The main goal of the videos is to help people repair their devices while also helping them save money.